Bomjon’s criminal cases 2018-2019 in Nepalese and world media

Below is a list of Nepali and world media articles concerning Ram Bahadur Bomjon’s latest series of “maitreyan acts”: revelation by a victim of repeated rape by the ‘guru’ and four missing followers, one of them beaten to death by the ‘guru’ and his followers, according to two eyewitnesses. Please archive the links and the texts of the articles (for example by right-clicking and the “save page as” function), because there is no guarantee that the articles would be not ordered to be deleted by Nepal’s leading politicians, who are supporting Bomjon. This had exactly happened in Autumn 2012, when all articles of Nepalese English media about his crimes disappeared from Google.

The list of media links an quotations includes Nepali and Indian media (first part and world media (second part) of the text. Being updated.

Featured image: People gather at one of the sites dug up by police to search for Sanchalal Waiba, near an ashram run by controversial cult leader Ram Bahadur Bomjan. One of the several missing followers of Bomjan, Waiba was reportedly beaten to death by Bomjan and his men. POST PHOTO: ANISH TIWAR, The Kathmandu Post: People refute charges against Bomjon (Originally: Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh refutes charges against Bomjan)


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MyRepublica: Bara police begins probe into complaints filed against Bomjon, followers

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“SP Bhattarai said a few locals have registered complaints against Bomjon although many complaints remain unregistered. “We have been investigating both registered and unregistered complaints,” said Bhattarai.

It has been revealed that Bomjon, who some locals believe is a reincarnation of Buddha, was involved in numerous controversies during his stay at the Halkhoriya-based Namo Budda ashram (hermitage). Bomjon and his followers had stayed there for nearly seven years starting from 2007.

During his stay at the ashram, Bomjon allegedly held captive a Slovakian follower, beat locals and attacked a local youth with a sword and registered the land in the name of the ashram, according to the former ashram officials.

In 2013, Bomjon and his followers physically attacked around a dozen locals including Pradeshi Chaudhari and Pahalad Chaudhary of Manaharwa on the charge of entering the ashram without permission. Following the incident, Pahalad had filed a complaint at the District Administration Office saying that he was attacked while collecting wildflowers from the forest. He complained that the police did not take action against Bomjon despite formal registration of complaint against Bomjon.

The ashram was constructed encroaching upon more than 1000 bighas of national forest. “The then District Forest Officer Ramananda Sah had removed them from the ashram after locals were barred from entering the forest in the name of the ashram,” said DFO Shiva Shankar Thakur.

Jas Bahadur Waiba, Bomjon’s assistant, had taken Suresh to the Halkhoriya-based ashram to teach Buddhism. “He was in a great dilemma over whether to return to the ashram when he had come home in the third week of May 2015. Since then, he is out of contact. We are clueless about his whereabouts,” said Hasta Bahadur.”

Ram Bomjan to travel abroad to ‘collect cash’

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“Sources say that Bomjan, with his team, is going to Thailand to “collect cash offerings”. (The first version of the article wrote 10 million dollars in cash, but apparently it was deleted in a few hours! – The Halkhoriya Times). “They have been trying to visit Thailand for the past four months. Their passports were made two years ago,”…”Sources said that Bomjan, Kebal Lama (of the Sangh Maitri) and their group had received invitation to visit Thailand prior to the investigation. Two years ago, the Sangh had urged authorities to provide a passport to Bomjan in the name of Dharma Guru, but there were issues with the request. The incident was hidden from public knowledge, as it could have aroused public dispute, say Bomjan’s followers. ”

Police arrest two from Bomjan’s Sindhuli ashram in connection to disappearance case

“Jan 10, 2019-Police on Thursday detained two persons from Sindhuli-based ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjan in connection with the disappearance of Bomjan’s followers. A police team under DSP Bimal Kandel reached the ashram site at Pairey of Kamalamai Municipality-8, and arrested Indra Bahadur Syangtan alias Mahatma Guru of Makwanpur and Gopal Yonjan of Sarlahi, with the help of Sindhuli police.

Central member Chatra Ghising of the Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh, the non-government organisation founded by Bomjan, said the police have taken two of their members into custody for investigation.

Meanwhile, Sangh’s Central Chariman Nil Bahadur Thing said he does not know the whereabouts of Bomjan but claimed that the controversial ascetic was inside the ashram compound which spreads over 42-bighas of land. He further said the Sangh would cooperate the police in the investigations, adding that “some bigger power” was plotting to defame the ascetic, and everything will be revealed in time.”

Missing Waiwa’s friend arrested from Bomjon’s ashram

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“Police have arrested Indra Man Syangtan–friend of Sancha Lal Waiwa who has been missing from the Sindhupalchowk ashram of Ram Bahadur Bomjon–from another ashram in Paire Dhapasar of Kamalamai-8 in Sindhuli on Thursday. DSP with Sindhuli Police Rameshwore Prasad Yadav confirmed that Indra Man, who was allegedly beaten along with missing Waiwa by Bomjon and his disciples four years ago, has been brought for interrogation. … A police team including forensic experts had raided the ashram in Bandegaun, Sindhupalchowk last Friday but could not find any human skeletal remains there. Indra Man, known as Mahatma Guru, has now been arrested to interrogate about missing Waiwa.”

Sindhupalchowk police takes the lead in Bomjan probe

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“The DPO, Makawanpur forwarded the complaint to the DPO, Sindhupalchowk as the incident reportedly occurred in Sindhupalchowk. With this, the responsibility of investigation has fully fallen on the DPO, Sindhupalchowk. Full responsibility of the investigation is now upon us after the DPO Makawanpur handed over the victim’s complaint to us,” said Superintendent of Police (SP) Mukunda Marasini, chief of the DPO, Sindhupalchowk. “The Central Bureau of Investigation (CIB) will only assist us.”

Setopati: Lawmaker Komal Oli asks: Why has Bomjon not been arrested yet?

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“National Assembly (NA) member Komal Oli has asked the government why Ram Bahadur Bomjon, who is living in the guise of an austere sage, has not been arrested until now despite revelations of rape by him and disappearance of disciples from his ashrams.”

Allegations levelled against Bamjan refuted

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“Family members of the missing persons at a press meet yesterday had said they had gone to the Bara-based Bamjan’s ashram to become nuns. But, BSDS Spokesperson Mani Lama said that the missing persons could be among the thousands of followers who came to the ashram seeking Bamjan’s blessings.

Lama had been elected as a member of the Parliament from Taplejung in the 1994 election from the Nepali Congress. He was appointed state minister for health and population by former King Gyanendra in 2005. The NC had later expelled him from the party.”

“Ganga Maya, who had served at various ashrams of Bamjan for several years, accused Bamjan of being a paedophile. She said that she, along with dozens of young girls, had become a victim of the self-styled ‘Buddha Boy’.  Supporters of Bamjan refused to talk about her allegations.”

People refute charges against Bomjon (Originally: Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh refutes charges against Bomjan)

“Security personnel searching for Waiba and three other nuns had discovered eight wrappers of salt packets near Bomjan’s ashram on Friday evening. They also found pieces of coal a few metres from the place where the packets were recovered. The recovered wrappers and coals were sent to a laboratory in Kathmandu for test, said Deputy Superintendent of Police Bimal Raj Kandel.”

“All the charges filed against Guru [Bomjan] are just conspiracies hatched against him. The accusations are baseless,” said Manik Lama, … Lama claimed Sangh and its Sindhupalchok ashram had no knowledge regarding missing Sanchalal Waiba and three other nuns. Perhaps they came here as devotees. We don’t have any records and information of those four persons,” he said.

Police reach Bomjon’s ashram in Sindhupalchowk with forensic experts 

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Around half a dozen disciples then beat the duo with sticks, pipes and kicks. Bomjon ordered to bury Waiwa’s body on the hill behind the house he lived in after Waiwa died, according to the witnesses. They claim Bomjon ordered to scatter around 25 packets of salt above the body. “Salt apparently helps in early decay of the body,” the witnesses reminisce.”

Bomjan’s supporters press against ashram cases probe ( and

Police find ‘murder clues’ in Buddha Boy’s ashram

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“Superintendent of Police (SP) Mukunda Marasaini, chief of the District Police Office (DPO), Sindhupalchowk, claimed that the investigating team has found some signs of murder in the ashram.  Refraining from telling what exactly are the signs, SP Marasaini said, “All we can say now is that we have found some clues indicating murder.”  Police recorded the statements of 14 disciples at the ashram on Saturday while samples of soil from the area have also been collected for further examination.”

Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over disappearance of devotees

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“At a press conference in Kathmandu, the grieving families alleged that Bamjan is a “paedophile and murderer”.

Police suspect man missing in Bomjan’s ashram murdered :

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“Police searching for Waiba found nine covers of salt packets buried some 300 meters away from his ashram on Saturday. DSP Bimal Raj Kandel said they found the covers of salt packets buried under the soil but did not find any mortal remains. “The body might have been burnt elsewhere,” Kandel said.”

Nepal’s ‘Buddha boy’ under investigation over disappearance of devotees

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Nepal’s ‘Buddha boy’ under investigation over disappearance of devotees

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CIB raids ‘Buddha Boy’ ashram in Sindhupalchowk ( and

“The CIB started investigating Bamjan following news reports that five of his followers had disappeared from his ashrams. Three of them had allegedly disappeared from the Bandegaun  ashram. The CIB  even suspects that one of the disappeared was murdered in the ashram.

Police search Bomjan’s ashram ( and

“According to locals, eyewitnesses and Bamjan ’s own followers, Waiba was murdered in the ashram. Bamjan had beaten up Waiba, accusing him of making his followers sick through witchcraft. An eyewitness claimed that Waiba died after he was beaten up by Bamjan and his followers and that his body was buried in the ashram premises. ”

CIB gathering evidence against ‘Buddha Boy’ ( and

“The CIB team while digging at the crime scene where the bodies of the followers were reportedly buried at Bamjam’s ashram recovered the empty salt plastic. “We have found nine empty packets of salt five feet below while digging the land ”, said one of the team member. He, however, said that the team did not find any human remaining. According to a source to the CIB, 20 salt packets were used while burying the dead body.

Police raid Bomjan’s ashram in Sindhupalchok

Police raid controversial ascetic Bomjan’s ashram in Sindhupalchok

Families of disappeared persons appeal government to find whereabouts of their kin

Families file complaints after people go missing from Bomjan’s ashram

Families of four missing from Bomjon’s ashrams file police complaints

Fifth person missing from Bomjon’s ashram

Bomjon’s followers plead with Dahal to not take action against him

Police reach Bomjon’s ashram in Sindhupalchowk with forensic experts

Series of sexual exploitation and violence in Bomjon’s ashrams

SHOCKING: Murder, Rape, Violence in the Ashram of “Little Buddha” Claimant – Exposes Setopati

Allow us to meet them or give us dead bodies: Kin tell Bomjon

Controversial godman

Case filed against ‘Godman’ Bomjan at Bara DPO

“Parents of 34-year-old Suresh Kumar Ale Magar lodged a complaint against Bomjan for allegedly having a hand in the sudden and mysterious disappearance of their son. The Ale couple has also made a plea to the authorities to look for their son who has been missing for the last three years. His father Hasta Bahadur Ale shared that Suresh was in two-minds about going back to the ashram the last time he visited them. He wanted to stay. However, one of Ram Bahadur Bomjan’s close aides, Jas Bahadur Waiba came to know about Suresh’s predicament and somehow lured him into going to the ashram with him.”


CNN: Police raid ‘Buddha boy’ ashram in Nepal

‘Buddha Boy’ Leader Probed Over Missing Followers

“In 2012, Nepali police said they had rescued a Slovakian woman who had been held by followers of Bomjan for more than two months. Zsuzsanna Takacs said she had been kidnapped from her hotel, tied to a tree and accused of using witchcraft to disturb Bomjan’s meditation sessions. She reportedly had a broken arm when she was eventually released. Dozens have accused Bomjan of assault, and the leader has admitted beating his followers for disturbing his meditation sessions, AFP noted. His followers have also been accused of attacking critics and in 2012 of beating journalists who recorded one of his sermons and destroying their cameras.”

The Guardian: ‘Buddha boy’ under investigation in Nepal over missing devotees

Independent: Ashram of ‘Buddha boy’ worshipped as reincarnation of Buddha raided by police after devotees ‘disappear’

Fox News: ‘Buddha Boy’ followers reportedly vanish, sparking investigation by Nepalese police

Arab News: Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over devotee disappearances

Beztrestné vyčíňanie nebezpečnej sekty konečne skončilo: Muky zažila aj unesená Slovenka Zuzana Spiritual leader under investigation over disappearance of devotees

Cairns Post: Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over allegations of sexual assault, violence and missing devotees

France24: Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over devotee disappearances

Courrier Mail: Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over allegations of sexual assault, violence and missing devotees


Religion-ORF:People disappeared: Nepal investigates against Guru

Spiritual leader ‘Buddha Boy’ investigated after devotees go missing

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France24: Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over devotee disappearances

Sozcu: Buda’nın oğlundan müritlerine şiddet ve taciz iddiası


Repubblica (Italy):Nepal, the ‘Buddha boy’ investigated for rape and murder: dozens of disappeared disciples

Translated by Google Translator: “The online journal published stories of numerous disappearances and violence reported without any investigation worthy of the name since 2010, when a young Slovak named Marici Zsuzsanna Takacs reappeared in public telling the press and the police that she had been tied to a tree of the Halkhoria forest, without being believed for the confusional state in which it was before being deported to his country.”

he latest complaints were presented in several commissions and for the first time the case of the Buddha boy has crossed the borders of Nepal after an inexplicable series of cover-ups attributed to the protections also policies that Bomjon enjoyed, among whose disciples are former ministers and even Maoist leaders, while in 2014 the then Prime Minister and head of the Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala – who died three years ago – promoted “forests of religious interest” the forests where Bomjon in the last 19 years has meditated and given teachings of his new religion defined by him as “no longer Buddhist”, and called Maitri dharma “for peace in the world”.

Considered “a divine incarnation” and spiritual teacher of different centers in America, Canada and Japan, the “guru” has become rich with the generous donations of believers and manages with his closest disciples the so-called Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha, an NGO with base near the Nepalese capital Kathmandu. Bomjon has hundreds of hectares of land in the districts of Bara where he began his “divine mission”, to Sarlahi, Sindhupalchok and Sindhuli where he was last seen. To travel from one ashram to another he uses a helicopter or his Toyota Land Cruiser and despite his pacifist preaching he always turns armed, especially of swords with which he was also filmed by a television crew justifying them as instruments of “self defense”.

Vice (Australia): A Nepali Guru Is Being Investigated Over the Disappearance of His Devotees

Hilo Directo: El “joven Buda” de Nepal investigado por la desaparición de varios devotos

tvi24: Polícia nepalesa investiga “jovem Buda” após vários desaparecimentos

Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over allegations of sexual assault, violence and missing devotees

Nepal probes ‘Buddha boy’ over allegations of sexual assault, violence and missing devotees  ( and )

‘Buddha boy’ guru said to be the reincarnation of Buddha is probed after families of four devotees ‘vanish’ months after nun accused him of rape in Nepal

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“In September last year, an 18-year-old nun accused the guru of raping her at one of his ashrams. Dozens more have filed complaints against him alleging assault. The self-styled godman said he beat them for disturbing his meditation. The Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangha, an organisation associated with the guru, recently slammed as baseless a series of fresh allegations made by a local website,, which published reports detailing cases of disappearances, sexual assault and violence in his ashrams.”

A comprehensive list of media about Ram Bahadur Bomjon

For those who wish to have an overview of nearly all media and an explanation of how media covereged developed, in fact disappeared – and the reasons behind this, the one-page detailed article on the website  Media on Ram Bahadur Bomjon would be suitable. The article was published on Wikipedia but cannot be found there anymore.


Fight broke out between Ram Bamjan’s followers and local villagers



4 people were injured in a fight between local villagers and the followers of Ram Bahadur Bamjan who is well known as an ascetic person. This fight was happened when the followers of Ram Bamjan started to beat the local villagers for entering the jungle without permission. This fight was started when the villagers found that they had beaten one of the villagers named ‘Utim Guro’ vary badly all night tying his hands. In this fight, Ram Bamjan’s followers, Samir Gurung, Rup Bahadur Thing and Lama Balak are injured. Similarly, one villager, Rakesh Guro is also injured. Police has started their investigation for kidnapping the villager. Ram Bamjan has apologized on the behalf of his followers being such rude to the villagers.

Daniel B. Haber: Journey into the forest: Seeking the Enigmatic “Little Buddha” of Nepal

Excerpt. For more, please buy the book.


Locals clash with Bamjan’s followers


Sep 2, 2014-At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, at Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro,have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halakhoriya for the past two months.

Published: 03-09-2014 09:23

Nepal’s ‘Buddha boy’ investigated for attacking group

Image captionRam Bomjan’s followers are convinced he is the reincarnation of the Buddha

A Nepalese man popularly known as “Buddha boy” is being investigated by police amid reports he beat a group of locals for disturbing his meditation.

Ram Bahadur Bomjan has admitted to assaulting some of the local villagers in Bara district on Thursday, according to local media.

Mr Bomjan is famed for spending months in the forest without eating.

His devotees believe he is the reincarnation of the Buddha, and he says he has not eaten since 2005.

When he started his fast, he pledged he would meditate for six years, until he gained enlightenment.


Manoj Neupane, superintendent of police for Bara district, said police were sent to investigate after 17 people lodged complaints.

Those who had been injured were sent for medical checks, he told the BBC.

According to Nepal’s Republica newspaper, the villagers claimed they had been looking for wild fruit and vegetables.

Mr Bomjan said he had slapped them “two or three times” after they came onto his platform and mimicked him, while the villagers allege they were assaulted more seriously.

“They disturbed me while I was meditating… tried to manhandle me,” Mr Bomjan was quoted as saying by Republica. “I was therefore forced to beat them.”

Last November, Mr Bomjan – who is reportedly around 20 years old – campaigned against the mass sacrifice of some 250,000 animals at the Gadhimai festival in southern Nepal.

Police quizzes Buddha Boy over thrashing locals

Namaste from the Land of Mt. Everest

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PATHALAIYA/ KATHMANDU: Police on Monday interrogated Ram Bahadur Bomjan, famously known as Buddha Boy, in connection with the thrashing of local villagers by him for trying to disrupt his penance on Thursday.

A squad of police, led by inspectors Rudrakanta Jha and Bhesh Raj Rijal from Bara District Police Office visited Bamjan in Halkhoriya forest, Bara, following complaints registered against him by a group of 17 vilagers.

Talking to the police, Bomjan admitted to having thrashed the villagers. “Yes, I took a minor action against them because they tried to disturb me while I was meditating,” he said.

Refuting the victims’ claimthat they mistakenly stepped into Bomjan’s meditating site while searching wild vegetables, Bomjan said, “They came to this area just to disrupt my meditation.”

Bomjan also admitted that he had taken the villagers into his control for 24 hours. “I had to do so personally because I did not have anyone around to punish them,” he said.

Though Bamjan claimed he only used hands while thrashing, the villagers have said he had thrashed them with a handle of an axe continuously for three hours.

Also Bomjan said he would not come to the court for trial. “Do you think a meditating sage will go to the court to hear a case?” he exclaimed.

“I took action against them as per the divine law,” he added.

Bamjan also refuted the allegation that he punished the locals for animal sacrifice, during Gadhimai festival. “The Gadhimai issue has nothing to do with this incident,” he said.

Bamjan, who is seen with reverence for his spiritual quest, has been lobbying against the mass animal sacrifice, touted as the world’s biggest.

He had given his word to stop the animal sacrifice ritual that last took place in November 2009, but finally did not show up.

Meanwhile, Bed Bahadur Thing, chairman of Tapoban Forest Conservation Committee, said that they beat up the locals for their attitude towards Bamjan.

Manoj Neupane, Deputy Superintendent of Police in the district, asserted no one is supposed to be above the law of the land.

The police would investigate the case and take action if required, Neupane added.

Bamjan, revered by many as a reincarnation of Lord Buddha, came to a wider public attention in 2005 when he was first spotted in jungle.

It is claimed he could meditate motionless for months without taking food and water.

He, aged 18, embarked on six years of penance in jungle on May the same year.


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