Nepal police rescue Slovak woman from followers of Buddha boy

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Nepalese Buddhists monks pray outside the Mayadevi (Buddha’s mother) temple, birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini 400 kms (250 miles) south west of Kathmandu on January 4, 2011.Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini.


What happens when religion goes wrong? Kidnapping, or something similar, allege the Nepalese police.

Police official K.P. Sharma told the Associated Press that Nepal’s cops rescued a 35-year-old Slovak woman from followers of a young man whose supporters have claimed to be the reincarnation of Buddha for the past several years. (All is, indeed, suffering).

Sharma said the woman was held in a forest of southern Nepal where Ram Bahadur Bamjan has been meditating for seven years, AP said. The woman, identified only as Marichi, had been visiting Bamjan for the past year but was reported to be held captive for the past two months.

No information was provided about the motivation behind the alleged crime, and all that the police officer said regarding the psychological state of the woman was that she appeared to be scared.

Bamjan created a media sensation around 2005, when he supposedly meditated under a tree for months on end and then suddenly disappeared.

Since then, Bamjan, who has instructed people not to call him the reincarnation of Buddha, has appeared and reappeared, preaching and meditating, all over the tiny Himalayan republic.

Controversy surrounding Buddha Boy Controversy surrounding Buddha Boy

neppalrodi snap on controversies

VDC Secy who faked Bamjan’s fake birth certificate held

The Himalayan Times artcile written by Diwakar Bhandari June 14m 2012 (already deleted from THT).

vdc secy detained june 14 2012

‘Buddha Boy’ men ‘detain’ two women

Ekantipur 2012. Article already deleted.

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Buddha Boy attacked and injured a guy with his sword?

Source: blog.

nirlog blogs article about anil khatri

The Next Buddha? Buddha Boy Tapaswi Palden Dorje – Ram Bahadur Bomjon

Snapshot of an article with link. Interview with Jas Bahadur Waiba about Ram Bomjon’s esoteric weapon which could possibly render the weapons of the world to halt…

esoteric weapon of ds by waiba


Ram bahadur bomjon – clash with locals

At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, at Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro,have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halakhoriya for the past two months.

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Bamjan left retreat after unfavourable circumstances

This snapshot’s source is not known, possibly from Ekantipur/Kathmandu Post. It is difficult to find out, as both of them deleted all their controversial articles about Bomjon from the past, and closed down their Archives to the public… Please help me to identify this article. Thank you!

(Kathmandu Post uses the wording “Halakhoriya” instead of Halkhoriya, thus my suggestion that it was their article).

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Nayapatrika Daily: Bomjon attacks 17 Madeshi men

Nayapatrika Daily and

“After earning media fame through his long days of fasting and meditation, Ram Bahadur Bomjon landed in serious controversy following his physical assault to 17 villagers from the nearby village. According to local police, Bomjon hijacked 17 common people out of 24 who went to collect forest products.

After release from Bomjon, local people registered a complaint against him at the police station. The police is enquiring now about the incident. In the meantime, Bomjon rejected the charges by the local villagers. “When they entered our camp, I asked our volunteers to arrest them. I physically assaulted villagers when they did not respond to my call not to disturb me,” said Bomjon, in a press conference. “I will not attend police station in this case.”

Local people are putting pressure on police to book Bomjon for his misdemeanor and they have already lodged the protest against malpractice conducted by Bomjon.”

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Controversy surrounding Buddha Boy article.

neppalrodi snap on controversies