Locals clash with Bamjan’s followers




Sep 2, 2014-At least four people were injured when a clash erupted between locals and devotees of Ram Bahadur Bamjan, known as Buddha boy, at Halkhoriya on Tuesday. The clash flared up when around 100 locals intervened to rescue two others who were held captive by Bamjan’s followers since Monday.

According to local resident Jagjiban Kumar, the two sides clashed after Bamjan hit the locals with a stick. He said that the two captives were, however, released later. Uttim Guro and Sonam Kumar, both of Nijgad Municipality-11, along with their friends were said to be on their way back from work in India when they were captured.

The incident came to light after the duo’s friends informed the locals about what happened, after fleeing the incident. The injured, Bamjan’s followers Rup Bahadur Thing, Samir Gurung, Nagraj, and Rakesh Guro,have sustained injuries to the heads and bodies.

According to Police, who reached the site after being informed, said that Bamjan told them that he directed his followers to take Uttim and Sonam under control after ‘they under the influence of alcohol shouted offensive slurs’. Inspector Kailash Rai said that they will start investigating the matter.

Bamjan has been living in the forest at Halakhoriya for the past two months.

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Police quizzes Buddha Boy over thrashing locals



Namaste from the Land of Mt. Everest

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PATHALAIYA/ KATHMANDU: Police on Monday interrogated Ram Bahadur Bomjan, famously known as Buddha Boy, in connection with the thrashing of local villagers by him for trying to disrupt his penance on Thursday.

A squad of police, led by inspectors Rudrakanta Jha and Bhesh Raj Rijal from Bara District Police Office visited Bamjan in Halkhoriya forest, Bara, following complaints registered against him by a group of 17 vilagers.

Talking to the police, Bomjan admitted to having thrashed the villagers. “Yes, I took a minor action against them because they tried to disturb me while I was meditating,” he said.

Refuting the victims’ claimthat they mistakenly stepped into Bomjan’s meditating site while searching wild vegetables, Bomjan said, “They came to this area just to disrupt my meditation.”

Bomjan also admitted that he had taken the villagers into his control for 24 hours. “I had to do so personally because I did not have anyone around to punish them,” he said.

Though Bamjan claimed he only used hands while thrashing, the villagers have said he had thrashed them with a handle of an axe continuously for three hours.

Also Bomjan said he would not come to the court for trial. “Do you think a meditating sage will go to the court to hear a case?” he exclaimed.

“I took action against them as per the divine law,” he added.

Bamjan also refuted the allegation that he punished the locals for animal sacrifice, during Gadhimai festival. “The Gadhimai issue has nothing to do with this incident,” he said.

Bamjan, who is seen with reverence for his spiritual quest, has been lobbying against the mass animal sacrifice, touted as the world’s biggest.

He had given his word to stop the animal sacrifice ritual that last took place in November 2009, but finally did not show up.

Meanwhile, Bed Bahadur Thing, chairman of Tapoban Forest Conservation Committee, said that they beat up the locals for their attitude towards Bamjan.

Manoj Neupane, Deputy Superintendent of Police in the district, asserted no one is supposed to be above the law of the land.

The police would investigate the case and take action if required, Neupane added.

Bamjan, revered by many as a reincarnation of Lord Buddha, came to a wider public attention in 2005 when he was first spotted in jungle.

It is claimed he could meditate motionless for months without taking food and water.

He, aged 18, embarked on six years of penance in jungle on May the same year.

Source: http://www.thehimalayantimes.com/fullNews.php?headline=Police+quizzes+Buddha+Boy+over+thrashing+locals&NewsID=251193

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Buddha boy back, with a weapon



Gopal Sharma in Kathmandu
December 27, 2006

A MYSTERIOUS teenaged boy believed by some to be a reincarnation of Buddha has reappeared in eastern Nepal after vanishing for nine months.

Ram Bahadur Bomjon, 16, was spotted on Sunday by villagers in a dense forest near Piluwa village, in Bara district, 150 kilometres east of Kathmandu, a television channel said.

Ram disappeared in March from forests in nearby Ratanpuri village, where he had reportedly been meditating without food or water for almost 10 months.

“I have been wandering in the forests since then,” a local journalist, Raji Shrestha, quoted Ram as telling him. “I am engaged in devotion which will continue for six years.”

Hundreds of curious onlookers, including many Buddhists, thronged the site to see the boy, who was said to be sitting in a meditating position.

A local TV station showed people pressing their palms together and bowing their heads in devotion in front of him.

“I don’t think he is a Buddha. But he has some sort of extra strength to meditate. He eats herbs,” Shrestha said.

Before his disappearance, an estimated 100,000 people from India and Nepal, which has a Hindu majority, flocked to see him meditate. They were not allowed to get closer than about 50 metres.

Shrestha said the boy had shoulder-length hair and sat cross-legged under a small tree.

“He has an ash-coloured shawl wrapped across his chest,” he said, adding the boy had a “flat-ended scimitar” next to him.

The boy told pilgrims he was forced to abandon his earlier site because of the constant stream of visitors. He asked his former assistants to resume their positions and instructed them that visitors keep a distance of about 10 metres from him.

Buddha was born a prince in Lumbini, a dusty village in Nepal’s rice-growing plains west of Kathmandu, 2600 years ago.

He is believed to have attained enlightenment at Bodh Gaya in the eastern Indian state of Bihar, which borders Nepal.


Bamjan’s boys go unruly‚ beat up journos



The Himalayan Times – Thursday 22nd March, 2012

HIMALAYAN NEWS SERVICE PATHLAIYA: Volunteers attending to Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is said to be meditating in the Halkhoriya jungle area of Bara since 2005, today beat up five journalists. Bibhu Adhikari of News 24 TV, Resham Tiwari of NTV, Prakash Lamsal of Image Channel, Binod Pyakurel of TTV and Basant Khatiwada of the Mofasal Dot Com Weekly f…
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NOTÍCIAS DO BUDDHA DO NEPAL Quando Buddha-Boy Vira Bad-Boy

sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012
Ram Bahadur Banjam, em 2010.
PATHLAIYA, Nepal. Aos 22 anos, Ram Bahadur Banjam, o Buddha-boy, hoje um buddha-guy, pregador dapaz, que alega estar meditando já há cinco anos, nos últimos dois anos tem aparecido nas manchetes dos jornais por motivos completamente incompatíveis com a filosofia religiosa que professa. O rapaz está envolvido em epísódios marcados pela violência.
Tendo, inclusive, um comitê/organização que o representa, a Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh, seus adeptos e familiares têm tomado iniciativas cruminosas. Em abril deste ano (2012), seus seguidores, entre eles, três irmãos de Banjam (Ganga Bahadur, Dil Bahadur e Babulai Bahadur), foram acusados de manter em cárcere privado duas mulheres: uma nepalesa (Mata Anni de Sindhupalchowk) e uma eslovaca (identificada apenas como Marichi, 35 anos) – durante três meses!
O próprio jovem guru pôs um fim na situação quando soube que os captores estavam assediando sexualmente as mulheres na floresta de Halkhoriya. Acompanhado de outro irmão, Limbu, este, armado com uma espada, dirigiram-se ao local onde o Buddha enfurecido espancou os malfeitores, entre eles, seu irmão mais velho, Ganga. Todos foram parar na delegacia de polícia e foram liberados na manhã de 03 de abril (2012).
O caso, cercado de contradições conta com versões desencontradas: uma das irmãs do guru diz que seus irmãos consideram que o comportamento indisciplinado de alguns seguidores (referindo-se às mulheres cativas) estaria manchando a reputação do mestre.
A mãe de Ram (o buddha-guy), Mayadevi (isso mesmo, homônima da mãe do Buda Sakyamuni, Sidartha Gautama), chegou a ir à floresta acompanhada das filhas e disse que o filho iluminado bateu em uma delas, Asali Lama. Elas foram lá para libertar os irmãos que estavam sendo punidos pelos jovem (o guru).
A POLÍCIA: Os policiais acionados (por um dos seguidores) contra Ram Banjam, chegando à selva de Halkhoriya, vendo a situação, curvaram-se diante do guru em reverência, deixando aqueles que foram espancados revoltados.
A FAMÍLIA: As relações de Ram Bahadur Banjam com sua família também estão comprometidas. Uma de suas irmãs, Raj Kumari disse aos midia que o jovem distanciou-se dos familiares e começou a “levantar a voz” contra os desmandos da organização Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh.
Todavia, a família de Banjam também foi contrária ao cativeiro das duas mulheres (exceto os irmãos marginais) embora tenham tentado defender aqueles que participaram do episódio quando souberam que estavam sendo severamente castigados com o espancamento.
AS MULHERES: Os seguidores do guru responsáveis pelo cativeiro das duas mulheres alegaram contra elas que praticavam bruxaria e estavam perturbando a meditação do Iluminado.
A associação Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh comõem-se de um grupo de devotos que encarregou-se (por conta própria) de garantir o bem-estar e a proteção do mestre. Relatórios médicos informaram que a eslovaca Marichi tinha uma das mãos quebrada, hematomas e estava traumatizada física e mentalmente.
Marichi chegou ao Nepal há cerca de um ano onde ingressou em um monastério, em Simara. Durante esse tempo ela insistiu em encontar Ram Banjam. O assédio teria motivado a ação dos membros da associação Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh. Injustificável.
MANAHARWA. JULHO de 2010. Ram Bahadur Banjam, 20 anos (2010), que ficou conhecido no mundo inteiro como o buddhaboy, perdeu a cabeça com a impertinência de 17 homens na floresta Halkhoriya.
Acusando-os de, deliberadamente tentar sabotar sua meditação, o jovem místico, com a ajuda de um adepto, contrariando os princípios budistas, em atitude inusitada – espancou os inoportunos, segundo os queixosos, com um cabo de machado.
Quando finalmente conseguiram fugir, as vítimas procuraram socorro médico em Kalaiya, onde receberam analgésicos e vacina antitetânica. Pralhad Chaudhary, um dos feridos, prestou informações em queixa formal à polícia.
O presidente da associação Bodhi Dharma Shrawan Sangh, que pretende representar o Buddha-guy, confirmou que aquelas pessoas estavam determinadas a perturbar a meditação do guru. Banjam disse aos policiais que o confrontaram que não fez nada de de errado e argumentou:
Será que um tapaswee (sábio meditando) vai a um tribunal? Eu respeito as leis, mas somente as mais acertadas. Existem leis erradas. Eles tentaram me maltratar. Eu fui forçado abater neles. E eu não usei um cabo de machado, eu bati neles com as minhas mãos somente umas duas ou três vezes. Eles mentem.
(De fato, como 17 homens poderiam ser espancados tão intensamente por apenas dois jovens, por mais malhado que seja o Buddha-guy? Meditemos…)
Todavia, uma das vítimas apresentou traumatismo craniano. O jovem Iluminado ainda explicou: Eu tolerei enquanto eles fumavam e faziam barulho, mas eles subiram na plataforma onde eu estava meditando. Mas não fiz aquilo (bater nos homens) com raiva. Eu faço tudo com um sorriso. Fui obrigado a puní-los.
Em novembro de 2010, Ram Bahadur Banjam protestou para impedir o sacrifício de animais no Festival Gadhimai mas considerou fracassada sua missão; conseguiu salvar apenas 20 mil quando, normalmente são sacrificadas centenas de milhares de criaturas.
BHANDARI, Diwakar. Buddha Boy turns violent‚ thrashes siblings.
Himalayan Times, publicado em 03/04/2012.
Slovak woman detained by Buddha boy’s followers set free.
Nepal News, publicado em 26/03/2012
BHANDARI, Diwakar. Buddha boy shows wrath.
Himalayan Times, publicado em 24/07/2010.
LAMICHHANE, Upendra. ‘Buddha boy’ unrepentan.
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Nepal police rescue Slovak woman from followers of Buddha boy

Original link: https://www.pri.org/stories/2012-03-26/nepal-police-rescue-slovak-woman-followers-buddha-boy Archived: http://archive.is/cfJa7

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Nepalese Buddhists monks pray outside the Mayadevi (Buddha’s mother) temple, birth place of Lord Buddha, Lumbini 400 kms (250 miles) south west of Kathmandu on January 4, 2011.Lord Buddha was born in Lumbini.


What happens when religion goes wrong? Kidnapping, or something similar, allege the Nepalese police.

Police official K.P. Sharma told the Associated Press that Nepal’s cops rescued a 35-year-old Slovak woman from followers of a young man whose supporters have claimed to be the reincarnation of Buddha for the past several years. (All is, indeed, suffering).

Sharma said the woman was held in a forest of southern Nepal where Ram Bahadur Bamjan has been meditating for seven years, AP said. The woman, identified only as Marichi, had been visiting Bamjan for the past year but was reported to be held captive for the past two months.

No information was provided about the motivation behind the alleged crime, and all that the police officer said regarding the psychological state of the woman was that she appeared to be scared.

Bamjan created a media sensation around 2005, when he supposedly meditated under a tree for months on end and then suddenly disappeared.

Since then, Bamjan, who has instructed people not to call him the reincarnation of Buddha, has appeared and reappeared, preaching and meditating, all over the tiny Himalayan republic.

Controversy surrounding Buddha Boy

Nepalrodi.blogspot.com/2012 Controversy surrounding Buddha Boy

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