Buddha Boy turns violent‚ thrashes siblings

The Himalayan Times/Last Updated At: 2012-04-03 1:21 AM/ DIWAKAR BHANDARI/ PATHLAIYA: Twenty-two-year old Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is said to have been continuously meditating since 2005 and has been nicknamed the Buddha Boy, has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons.

Buddha Boy turns violent‚ thrashes siblings

Holds three of his brothers hostage overnight


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Last Updated At: 2012-04-03 1:21 AM


PATHLAIYA: Twenty-two-year old Ram Bahadur Bamjan, who is said to have been continuously meditating since 2005 and has been nicknamed the Buddha Boy, has been in the news of late for all the wrong reasons.

It has been only a week since his followers freed two women (one Slovak and another Nepali) after keeping them in captivity. But now, it seems, Bamjan has started taking matters into his own hands. The Buddha Boy reportedly turned violent and beat up one of his brothers yesterday night and sister this morning.

Bamjan thrashed his brother after he, along with his two brothers and some others, reached the Halkhoriya jungle to urge him to initiate action against those who had ‘sexually harassed’ the Slovak woman in captivity. A section of the media had quoted the Slovak woman as saying that Darshan Limbu of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh, an organisation formed to protect Bamjan, had sexually harassed her.

Those who had gone to meet Bamjan accused Limbu of wielding a sword to chase them away and Bamjan of thrashing the eldest brother Ganga Bahadur and holding Ganga and other two brothers (Dil Bahadur and Babulal) hostage. All of them were released this morning.

Bamjan’s sister Raj Kumari said her three brothers had visited Halkhoriya to tell Bamjan that unruly behaviour of some of his followers was tarnishing Bamjan and Sangh’s image.

Bamjan’s mother and sisters had reached the Halkhoriya jungle this morning. Bamjan’s younger sister Asali Lama said even she was thrashed by Bamjan. “He beat me up when we reached there to free our brothers,” said Asali. “Guru (Bamjan) hit me on my head but said nothing.”

Mayadevi, Bamjan’s mother, who coincidently shares her name with the mother of Gautam Buddha, said she was disappointed after the incident. “His activities have let me down,” she said.

Bamjan’s brother Dil Bahadur, however, said ‘some individuals with their vested interests’ were trying to tarnish Guru’s reputation. He added that appropriate steps would be taken to press the police administration to initiate action against Dinesh Limbu.
Police pay obeisance, return

PATHLAIYA: A police team that had reached the Halkhoriya jungle to take stock of the situation on Monday morning bowed before Ram Bahadur Bamjan, paid obeisance to him and returned, leaving those who fell victim to Bamjan’s wrath seething. A police team led by Inspector KP Sharma, however, held discussions with members of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh. Upon his return from Halkhoriya, Inspector Sharma pledged to initiate action against the guilty if a case was filed but refused to go into detail. Bamjan’s aides did not allow mediapersons to carry cameras.
Relations with family sour

PATHLAIYA: Relations between Ram Bahadur Bamjan and his family had soured after the latter expressed dissatisfaction towards the working style of Bodhi Shrawan Dharma Sangh. The family was not in touch with Bamjan for the past one year. Bamjan’s sister Raj Kumari said Bamjan had distanced himself from the family after they began to raise voice against the wrongdoings of Sangh members. According to her, the family had also opposed Sangh’s decision to keep two girls — Dipshikha and Bishnu —inside the meditation centre. “Guru (Bamjan) dismissed our request to keep boys instead of girls,” she said. “After that we stopped visiting Bamjan, and they prevented us from entering the centre.”


South indian mystic sadhguru jaggi vasudev said that in one of the previous lifes, he threw stones at people (but carefully not hitting them),just the sake of chasing them off only. Now here it doesnt’ mean throwing stones at people is intentional violent Yamamoto, Japan

Time will prove everything.. Just wait n watch for some more year. Ratan, Hyderabad

I think everybody should just leave him alone. His ‘supposed’ followers are the one’s taking advantage of this situation.If he wants to leave and be secluded, let him be, he just wants to meditate; which is very nice If he wants to preach he will, and ‘followers’ if they believe him so much should try to be like him and try meditate like him and become enlightened . Cristin De, USA

Time will see, don’t rush to judge Buddha Boy did something wrong. Cause he maybe right. People that not close enough to see what had happened don’t be a judge. Anton Sugiarto, California

poor saint… he is just sitting there and metitating 24hrs for world peace and non-violence. how can he be responsible for the actions of his so-called “followers”? he doesn’t have any “followers”. this news is a non-sense and seems like it is promoted by the same group that was trying to stop him from STOPPING the most-cruel tradition of killing of thousands of buffalos in the name of religion in Gadi Mai Mela. We should stop this! I strongly urge the reporter to do a truthful reporting! Tirtha Raman, Kathmandu, Nepal

I am deeply saddened that this Guru is displaying such an ugly act of violence. Especially, towards females. His own brothers and sister. it is shameful to say the least. Religion is such a brutal divider of people. This Boy must be arrested. Glad I canceled my trip to see this young, disturbed man. it hurts me. Sarah Edwards, California

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Don’t be hasty with decisions. Dhrama Sangha is still a boy who has not seen much of the real world. I find it highly improbable that he could hit all these people. I don’t think he is crazy. Chili Chill, Milwaukee

I speak to his followers each day until they rejected me from their forum because I continuously tell them that this kid is not enlightened. He just has mere psychic abilities which do not mean anything in the wisdom of truth. He is full of violence while talking about peace. Never trust a person who preaches peace. The buddha boy is lost. And, I have said this from the beginning. Jason Thomas, USA

Time will see, don’t rush to judge Buddha Boy did something wrong. Cause he maybe right. People that not close enough to see what had happened don’t be a judge. Anton Sugiarto, California



‘Buddha boy’ men ‘detain’ 2 women

NIJGADH, MAR 26 – Ekantipur.com

Followers of ‘Buddha boy’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan have been accused of holding two women, one a Slovak, captive.


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‘Buddha boy’ men ‘detain’ 2 women



Followers of ‘Buddha boy’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan have been accused of holding two women, one a Slovak, captive.

It is learnt that members of the Bodhi Srawan Dharma Sangh, an association formed to oversee Bomjan’s security, have held the women for ‘practicing witchcraft’ and disturbing Bomjan’s meditation.

Bomjan has been meditating in the Halkhoriya forest of Ratanpuri VDC in Bara district for the past seven years. Though the identities of the women have not been established officially, people claiming to know them said the woman from Slovakia is named Marichi while the second woman is Mata Aani, said to be from Sindhupalchowk.

A person involved with the Sangh said the two women have been “detained” for practicing witchcraft and trying to disrupt the meditation. Marichi had arrived in Nepal 11 months ago, seeking audience with Bomjan. She stayed in a local hotel for some time before moving to a monastery in Simara. The other woman, meanwhile, had been living in the Halkhoriya region for a while. Police said they received a report about the missing women a couple of days ago and that investigations are underway.

“We interrogated one Jash Bahadur Waiba of the Sangh. He told us that the two women would be made public on Wednesday,” said police inspector Krishna Prasad Sharma. Two days after the Slovak woman went missing, two Sangh members had arrived at the monastery and taken away her laptop and clothes, said a person involved in the conservation of the monastery. Some locals claimed having seen Marichi riding pillion on a motorcycle with two Sangh members to the direction of Bomjan’s meditation spot.

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तपस्वी भनिएका रामबहादुर बमजनका अनुयायीद्वारा चक्काजाम डुमरवाना पिलुवाका स्थानीय युवाद्वारा प्रतिकार

prateek daily  तपस्वी भनिएका रामबहादुर बमजनका अनुयायीद्वारा चक्काजाम डुमरवाना पिलुवाका स्थानीय युवाद्वारा प्रतिकार.htm   प्रस, निजगढ, ३० जेठ/

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तपस्वी भनिएका रामबहादुर बमजनका अनुयायीद्वारा चक्काजाम डुमरवाना पिलुवाका स्थानीय युवाद्वारा प्रतिकार

प्रस, निजगढ, ३० जेठ/
तपस्वी भनिएका रामबहादुर बमजनका अनुयायीहरूले मङगलवार बिहान करिब ८:१५ बजेदेखि पुन: सडक अवरुद्ध गरेपछि डुमरवाना पिलुवाका स्थानीय युवकहरूको एक समूहले बन्दकर्ताहरूलाई तितरबितर पारेका छन्। बमजनका लगभग डेढ/दुईसय सङ्ख्यामा आएका  अनुयायीहरूले निजगढ—पथलैया सडकखण्डको पसाहामा सडक बन्द गरेपछि प्रतिकारमा उत्रेका युवकहरूले डेढ घण्टापछि बन्दकर्तालाई तितरबितर पारेका थिए। बन्दको प्रतिकारमा उत्रेका समूह र बन्दको सर्मथनमा लागेका दुवै समूहले हातमा लठ्ठी लिई प्रतिकारमा उत्रँदा करिब डेढ दर्जनभन्दा बढी घाइते भएको हुन सक्ने प्रहरीको अनुमान छ। सो घटनामा परी बन्दको नेतृत्व गरिरहेका बोधी श्रवण धर्मसङ्घका सचिव रामकुमार थिङ, विशेष अनुयायी बालहरि राई, एक वृद्धसहित ३ जनालाई एम्बुलेन्समा राखी उपचारका लागि प्रहरीले वीरगंज पठाएको थियो। प्रतिकारमा परि थिङ र राईको टाउकोमा गहिरो चोट लागेको छ। प्रहरी सजगता अपनाउँदै घटना नियन्त्रित गर्न तीन राउन्ड हवाई फायर गरेको थियो। तपस्वीका अनुयायीहरूको ढुङगा प्रहारबाट इप्रका निजगढका प्रहरी सहायक निरीक्षण वैद्यनाथ दासको खुट्टामा चोट लागेको छ। घाइतेहरूको उपचार वीरगंज र निजगढका क्लिनिकहरूमा भएको जानकारी प्राप्त छ। झडपमा परी निजगढ ८ का सुमन लामाको पल्सर मोटरसाइकलमा क्षति पुगेको छ। घटनास्थल वरपरबाट करिब आधा दर्जन मोटरसाइकल र ३ दर्जनभन्दा बढी साइकल प्रहरीले नियन्त्रणमा लिएको छ । झडपमा परी करिब ४०/५० जना अनुयायी घाइते भएका अनुमान लगाइएपनि यकिन जानकारी आउन नसकेको बोधी श्रवण धर्मसङ्घका अध्यक्ष नीलबहादुर थिङले घटना भएको केही समयपछि प्रतिक्रिया दिए।
तपस्वी बमजनका आन्दोलित अनुयायीहरूले तपस्वीमाथि लगाइएको झूटो मुद्दा खारेज गर, सञ्चारकर्मी चाहिंदैन, सत्य समाचार सम्प्रेषण गर, तपस्वीको नागरिकता धर्मसङ्घ बमजनको नाममा बनाइदे, रातो पासपोर्ट बनाई ससम्मान निर्वाध विदेश भ्रमण जान दे, प्रहरी हस्तक्षेप बन्द गर, हलखोरिया वन क्षेत्रलाई धार्मिक वन बनाइदेजस्ता नारा लगाएका थिए । पछिल्लो केही महिना यतादेखि तपस्वी, तपस्वीको संरक्षण, संवद्र्धन र विकासको नाममा बोधी श्रवण धर्मसङ्घका पदाधिकारीहरू र तपस्वीका घर परिवारसँग तपस्वी भनिएका रामबहादुर बजमनको नाम परिवर्तन गरी धर्मसङ्घ बमजनको नाममा नागरिकता दिलाउन लगायत विभिन्न कारणले घर परिवार र धर्मसङ्घबीच दूरी बढेको हो।
झन्डै एक महिनाअघि जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय बारालगायत सम्बन्धित निकायमा कारबाई माग गर्दै घरपरिवारले जाहेरीसमेत दिएको थियो । जाहेरीमा तपस्वीका नाममा गरिएको वन अतिक्रमण र फडानी गर्ने गराउने गिरोहउपर राज्यले बेलैमा कडा कारबाई गर्न घर परिवारले माग गरेका छन्।
बोधी श्रवण धर्मसङ्घलाई वार्ताबाट उचित निकास निकाल्न जिल्ला प्रशासनले पटक—पटक आग्रह गरेपनि वार्तामा नआई कानुनविपरीत कार्य गर्दै बन्दमा उत्रिएकाले अब प्रहरी प्रशासन चुप लागेर नबस्ने बाराका प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारी वीरेन्द्रकुमार यादवले बताए। लामो समयदेखि बाराको वन क्षेत्र अतिक्रमण, फडानी गरी कब्जा जमाउने कार्यप्रति जिल्ला प्रशासनको ध्यान गएको प्रमुख यादवले बताए। नक्कली जन्मदर्ता बनाएको बारेपनि अनुसन्धान भइरहेको प्रमुख यादवले जानकारी दिए।             शनिवारको बन्दपछि सहमतिअनुरूप आइतवार वार्ता गर्न जिल्ला प्रशासन कार्यालय बारा पुग्दा प्रमुख जिल्ला अधिकारीसँग सम्पर्क नहुदाँ वार्ता हुन नसकेको बोधी श्रवण धर्मसङ्घका अध्यक्ष नीलबहादुर थिङले जानकारी दिए । तपस्वीका अनुयायी बन्दकर्ताहरूले तपस्वीको तस्वीरको ब्यानर सडकमा राख्दै विभिन्न नारा लेखिएका प्लेकार्ड, टाउकोमा सेतो फेटा बाँधी, हातमा लठ्ठी लिई यातायातका साधन रोकेका थिए। विगतदेखि तपस्वीविरुद्ध आधा दर्जन भन्दा बढी मुद्दा प्रहरी प्रशासनमा परेपनि राज्य चुपचाप छ। तपस्यास्थल भनिएको हलखोरिया जङगलमा तपस्वीको सुरक्षाका लागि खटेका अनुयायीको एक समूहले घरेलु धारिलो हतियारसमेत बोक्ने र फरक मत राख्नेलाई तरबार देखाउँदै तर्साउने गरेको तपस्वीका दाजु गङगाजीत र दिलबहादुरले बताए। तपस्वीको नाममा बाराको डेढ/दुई सय हेक्टर वन क्षेत्र विगत ७ वर्षदेखि कब्जामा छ । ३० बिघाभन्दा बढी वन क्षेत्रको बोट–बिरुवा, रूख कटान गरी पक्की भवन निर्माण गरी कब्जा जमाउँदै आएका छन्। निजगढ, सिमरा, जीतपुरबाट नेपाल प्रहरी, सशस्त्र प्रहरी सुरक्षा बेस निजगढ र सशस्त्र सुरक्षा बल भद्रकाली गण पिलुवाबाट समेत करिब एक सयको हाराहारीमा प्रहरी तैनाथ थिए।

Arrest warrants against Ram Bomjon and his associates


बमजनसहितबोधीश्रवणधर्मसंघकाकार्यवाहकअध्यक्षजसबहादुरवाइबा, सचिवरामकुमारथिङ, सदस्यबालहरिराईरदर्शनलिम्बूविरुद्धपक्राउपुर्जीजारीगरिएकोप्रमुखवनअधिकृतरामनन्दनसाहलेबताए।वनअतिक्रमणगरेकालेउनीहरूविरुद्धवनऐनबमोजिमकारबाहीगर्नपक्राउपुर्जीजारीगरिएकोउनकोभनाइछ।
‘पक्राउगर्नप्रहरीलाईपत्राचारगरिसकिएकोछ,’ साहलेभने, ‘पक्राउपरेपछिवनऐनअनुसारकारबाहीहुन्छ।’ प्रहरीलेसंघकोनाममारहेकोबैंकखातारोक्कागर्नसम्बन्धितबैंकलाईपत्राचारसमेतगरेकोछ।इलाकाप्रहरीकार्यालयसिमराकाइन्स्पेक्टरकेपीशर्मालेसिमरास्थितएभरेष्टबैंकमासंघकोनाममारहेकोखातारोक्कागर्नपत्रपठाइएकोजानकारीगराए।संघकापदाधिकारीलेअकुतरूपमाकमाएकोसम्पत्तिसमेतजफतगरिनेउनलेबताए।शर्माकाअनुसारहिमालयन, बंगलादेशबैंकरबैंकअफकाठमाडौंमारहेकाउनीहरूसबैकोखातारोक्कागर्नपत्राचारगरिएकोछ।

Tapasvī rāmabahādura bamajanavirud’dha jillā vana kāryālaya bārālē pakrā’u purjī jārī garēkō cha. Avaidha rūpamā vana atikramaṇa garēkō ārōpamā kāryālayalē bamajana ra unakā cāra anuyāyīvirud’dha pakrā’u purjī jārī garēkō hō.
Thapa paḍhnuhōsa

bamajanasahita bōdhī śravaṇa dharma saṅghakā kāryavāhaka adhyakṣa jasabahādura vā’ibā, saciva rāmakumāra thiṅa, sadasya bālahari rā’ī ra darśana limbūvirud’dha pakrā’u purjī jārī gari’ēkō pramukha vana adhikr̥ta rāmanandana sāhalē batā’ē. Vana atikramaṇa garēkālē unīharūvirud’dha vana ainabamōjima kārabāhī garna pakrā’u purjī jārī gari’ēkō unakō bhanā’i cha.
‘Pakrā’u garna praharīlā’ī patrācāra garisaki’ēkō cha,’ sāhalē bhanē, ‘pakrā’u parēpachi vana aina’anusāra kārabāhī huncha.’ Praharīlē saṅghakō nāmamā rahēkō baiṅka khātā rōkkā garna sambandhita baiṅkalā’ī patrācārasamēta garēkō cha. Ilākā praharī kāryālaya simarākā inspēkṭara kēpī śarmālē simarāsthita ēbharēṣṭa baiṅkamā saṅghakō nāmamā rahēkō khātā rōkkā garna patra paṭhā’i’ēkō jānakārī garā’ē. Saṅghakā padādhikārīlē akuta rūpamā kamā’ēkō sampattisamēta japhata garinē unalē batā’ē. Śarmākā anusāra himālayana, baṅgalādēśa baiṅka ra baiṅka apha kāṭhamāḍaummā rahēkā unīharū sabaikō khātā rōkkā garna patrācāra gari’ēkō cha.

Ascetic Bahadur bamajanaviruddha Bara District Forest Office has issued arrest warrants. The charge of illegal encroachment of forest princess and her office issued arrest warrants against four anuyayiviruddha is.


Bamajanasahita Bodhi Dharma Association Vice President Jas Waiba hearing, Secretary Kumar Lama, a member balahari Rai and philosophy warrant has been issued limbuviruddha ramanandana major forest officer said. Forest encroachment, because what their Forest Act has been issued an arrest warrant action, he added.

‘Arrest has already been written to the police, “Shah said,” One approval by the imprisonment of action is. ” Police blocked bank account in the name of the association to the concerned banks has patracarasameta. Simara Simara Area Police Office Inspector KP Sharma Everest Bank account in the name of the association sent letters to the letter informed. Union officials said the vast reputation as a sampattisameta will be confiscated. According to NEA, Himalayan, Bangladesh Bank and the Bank of Kathmandu, to write them all account has been blocked.




Fight against Bamjan shelter

BARA: The Home Ministry has directed the security personnel not to allow Ram BahadurBamjan, popularly known as the Buddha Boy, to live in Bara forests.

Fiat against Bamjan shelter

BARA: The Home Ministry has directed the security personnel not to allow Ram BahadurBamjan, popularly known as the Buddha Boy, to live in Bara forests. The directive was issued to prevent Bamjan from entering the forests after information that he was preparing to relocate his shelter to the Halkhoriya forest. Bamjan is living in a forest in Sindhuli after leaving Halkhoriya. Following the order, around 200 personnel from the Nepal Police, the Armed Police Force and forest security were kept on high alert at Nijgadh, Pasaha, Ratanpuri and Tamagadi, fearing clashes between Bamjan supporters and forest officials. (PR)


Mero Karmale bandhak bhae

(I was chained by my own Karma) – Interview with Marichi, Kathmandu, March 2012, Niranjan Kunwar – Kantipur paper version

Describing the kidnapping, holding captive 3 months, torture (breaking two wrists), robbery of laptop and other property, beatings and rape done by Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Maitriya Guru, Maha Sambodhi, Dharma Sangha, Tapasvi) to Marici, his then volunteer in Halkhoriya, Nepal, January – March, 2012.

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Bamjan leaves Halkhoria forest

Headed for Sindhuli, tells police officials/Diwakar Bhandari, Pathalaiya, June 15, 2012/The Himalayan Times paper version

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