Nayapatrika Daily: Bomjon attacks 17 Madeshi men

Nayapatrika Daily and

“After earning media fame through his long days of fasting and meditation, Ram Bahadur Bomjon landed in serious controversy following his physical assault to 17 villagers from the nearby village. According to local police, Bomjon hijacked 17 common people out of 24 who went to collect forest products.

After release from Bomjon, local people registered a complaint against him at the police station. The police is enquiring now about the incident. In the meantime, Bomjon rejected the charges by the local villagers. “When they entered our camp, I asked our volunteers to arrest them. I physically assaulted villagers when they did not respond to my call not to disturb me,” said Bomjon, in a press conference. “I will not attend police station in this case.”

Local people are putting pressure on police to book Bomjon for his misdemeanor and they have already lodged the protest against malpractice conducted by Bomjon.”

Post by lojong1 » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:40 pm on Irregular Times blog comment pages

Author: mareechi

I am one of the more than 72 victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the 'Buddha Boy' of Nepal. After I narrowly survived his 3-months long torture, I decided to inform the public about his crimes. I loved the Nepalese culture and its nature, including the Halkhoriya Jungle, and this connection and my extensive travels, as well as the ability to speak Nepali created an environment to understand the background of the prolonged and repeated crimes that "Maitriya Guru" Bomjon continues to pursue.

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