Mero Karmale bandhak bhae

(I was chained by my own Karma) – Interview with Marichi, Kathmandu, March 2012, Niranjan Kunwar – Kantipur paper version

Describing the kidnapping, holding captive 3 months, torture (breaking two wrists), robbery of laptop and other property, beatings and rape done by Ram Bahadur Bomjon (Maitriya Guru, Maha Sambodhi, Dharma Sangha, Tapasvi) to Marici, his then volunteer in Halkhoriya, Nepal, January – March, 2012.

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Author: mareechi

I am one of the more than forty victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the 'Buddha Boy' of Nepal. After I narrowly survived his 3-months long torture, I decided to inform the public about his crimes. I loved the Nepalese culture and its nature, including the Halkhoriya Jungle, and this connection and my extensive travels, as well as the ability to speak Nepali created an environment to understand the background of the prolonged and repeated crimes that "Maitriya Guru" Bomjon continues to pursue.

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