‘Buddha boy’ men ‘detain’ 2 women

NIJGADH, MAR 26 – Ekantipur.com

Followers of ‘Buddha boy’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan have been accused of holding two women, one a Slovak, captive.


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‘Buddha boy’ men ‘detain’ 2 women



Followers of ‘Buddha boy’ Ram Bahadur Bomjan have been accused of holding two women, one a Slovak, captive.

It is learnt that members of the Bodhi Srawan Dharma Sangh, an association formed to oversee Bomjan’s security, have held the women for ‘practicing witchcraft’ and disturbing Bomjan’s meditation.

Bomjan has been meditating in the Halkhoriya forest of Ratanpuri VDC in Bara district for the past seven years. Though the identities of the women have not been established officially, people claiming to know them said the woman from Slovakia is named Marichi while the second woman is Mata Aani, said to be from Sindhupalchowk.

A person involved with the Sangh said the two women have been “detained” for practicing witchcraft and trying to disrupt the meditation. Marichi had arrived in Nepal 11 months ago, seeking audience with Bomjan. She stayed in a local hotel for some time before moving to a monastery in Simara. The other woman, meanwhile, had been living in the Halkhoriya region for a while. Police said they received a report about the missing women a couple of days ago and that investigations are underway.

“We interrogated one Jash Bahadur Waiba of the Sangh. He told us that the two women would be made public on Wednesday,” said police inspector Krishna Prasad Sharma. Two days after the Slovak woman went missing, two Sangh members had arrived at the monastery and taken away her laptop and clothes, said a person involved in the conservation of the monastery. Some locals claimed having seen Marichi riding pillion on a motorcycle with two Sangh members to the direction of Bomjan’s meditation spot.

Posted on: 2012-03-26 08:48

Author: mareechi

I am one of the more than forty victims of Ram Bahadur Bomjon, the 'Buddha Boy' of Nepal. After I narrowly survived his 3-months long torture, I decided to inform the public about his crimes. I loved the Nepalese culture and its nature, including the Halkhoriya Jungle, and this connection and my extensive travels, as well as the ability to speak Nepali created an environment to understand the background of the prolonged and repeated crimes that "Maitriya Guru" Bomjon continues to pursue.

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